The day of Christmas according to the cases and family traditions of each any head-, is one of those moments that touch to gifts and forces us to think about what the best choice within our means, what will our partner like or make us more excited. Of course, there are also many other times throughout the year when we want to give something to our partner, but we do not know what to choose, or what may be appropriate or not, or how it can be interpreted.

In this situation, the first step is to ask ourselves three basic questions:

1. What tastes does my partner have? Is there anything personal about her that she should consider? It is important to remember that the gifts must be for the other person, that we must think of something personal and that he likes (empathizing is basic to succeed).

2. Is the right gift for this occasion? Many times the gift can be very successful, but not the occasion. It is not the same a detail for the Magi than detail for the first anniversary of the couple or for the birthday of the other, or a gift because.

3. Is it the right time to give it away? The phase that the couple is going through is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a gift. It is not the same to take a few months out than to take years of relationship; Each stage is different, and you also have to take into account if we want to make a good gift.

In The First Three Months

If we have been dating that person for one to three months, the most appropriate thing would be to give him some personal detail that is not very intimate and not closely linked to the couple, but that at the same time shows that we are meeting that person. An assortment of chocolates or a candle with a message for the house would be good options.

Three To Six Months

When the relationship has already passed the first trimester, we can give a fun or more romantic experiences where the person can choose different options, because maybe we still do not know too much and allow him to choose – for example, a home-delivered breakfast.

Six Months A Year

If we have been with a person for more than half a year, we already have more information about them, and we can start personalizing our gifts. Therefore, here it is time to throw a little imagination. What we have to keep in mind is that the romantic part will depend on the seriousness and evolution of each relationship. As an idea, we can make a small photo album of the first months, write a letter expressing what we feel, give some jewel (both for men and women) to carry and whatnot.

In Moments Of Vital Changes

There are key moments in the relationship that involve very important vital changes, such as the time to go live together or have a child. Many times, in that maelstrom, we don’t think about making a detail, and yet it can be a very special moment. You can give detail for home, a keychain for couples, a surprise for future parents.

And, of course, let’s not forget to make details because yes, simply because we feel like it, to tell the couple that we care, what we feel and what we want to be with her. Remember that they should not be things that involve a lot of money. Many times the best and most valuable detail is the one you dedicate time to and is unique.