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Custom Software Development

Custom apps are more flexible in their nature of operations than off-the-shelf products that are full of defaults and thus require too many configurations before you can get anything right. At the same instance, you have access to more features with a custom app as you can easily tweak or modify the product while it is still under development through specifying desired features you’d love to see included with the application. As an example, your company could be in the process of making some upgrades to the way they handle clients and this could even mean changing the software platform used in processing all this information. Softeq is a software development company in Texas which has been at the forefront of development and is quite adept at custom software solutions. It is a software development company in Houston and has been dedicated to creating applications and software products that are in line with the aspirations of the company they are developing for. Custom features are also very exciting in the sense they fit the needs of a particular company best and leaves no allowance for insecurity through the process of encrypting all the data being handled by the app.

1. Security

This is our main priority while we are in the process of developing apps as modern times have come with security challenges like malware and hacking and while you are upgrading or improving your company or outfit using custom made apps, security needs not be left behind. We integrate all the desired features to keep your data intact thus ensuring that you are making the most use out of it. Testing is also part of the development process and aims to weed out any bugs or other pertinent issues that you have had to undergo in the past thus bringing out only the best features in your app.

2. Usability

An application must have easy usability for it to serve the needs of the customer best. For custom software solutions, this means fitting well on the target devices and being able to make use of all the features once the application has been installed. In case there are some online-dependent features that need an active connection to work, having a cache helps maintain a backup as well as reducing the amount of information being used or left behind as a digital fingerprint.

3. Testing

The custom software applications are taken through intense rounds of testing that weeds out imperfections and indicates where to change some features for better performance. During the testing, the application is compared with the requirements that were set by the client thus keeping all things on track. It is also important to test new applications before they undergo use as this ensures you have a properly working application that is devoid of any issues. We do heavy automated testing for all custom apps we develop at our company which gives us an upper hand when it comes to high quality application development.

In conclusion, Softeq is a embedded development company in Houston dedicated to custom application development and is well equipped to handle any requirements laid down by the customer. We are based in Houston and love to consult with our customers before we develop an application or software solution for them. For more information feel free to check out our website at Softeq.